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“May the planet choose and decide upon, Love.”
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Jaya Khoobsurat (JCD)
– Freelance Film Professional
– Creative Media Teacher
– Singer/VO


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“Love is never evil. Love is not exploitation. Love is not greed; or avarice; or stealing; or cheating; or harming others. Love is generous. Love is unconditional. Love brings out our best. Love is Noble.
Love is sweet and worthy of being loved in return.”  
~ Morgana Rae
 ♬ •♩ ·.·´¯`·.·♭•♪ Dance to the  Music of the Universe ♪ •♭·.·´¯`·.·♩

Angel wings pull apart seam of mortals to reveal


Jaya Khoobsurat (JCD) FLOURISH


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